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option one - simple website ratingSimple Website Rating

Welcome to the "Simple Website Rating Page" section on Website Scoring.rate a website 10 out of 10 rating image

A simple website rating is basically a quick score out of 10 for the website concerned.

It takes about five seconds!   See the example below.

Simple quick feedback score ratings from website users with a score out of 10.

Knowing how your users rate your website helps in a competitive web world.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rate and rank websites using software algorithms to rank your website for quality of content and link structure.

But your human visitors (the most important visitors) have a very keen eye too.

They know what they like and don't like. They know what they are looking for.

Are you supplying what they want or are you supplying what you think they want!

Finding out what your users think about your website and giving them the opportunity to give you feedback is userful for engaging with your website users and visitors.

Feedback and user ratings help you develop, improve and expand your website in ways your users are looking for and like.

That adds up to user loyalty. Without user loyalty what's the point of spending a lot of time developing and publishing your website?

Quick and Easy Rating Option 1 - Rate a Website Out of 10

The focus of the "Simple Website Rating" option is to be very quick and very easy to complete.rate my website 7 out of 10 image

Just a few seconds of your time literally.

Useful for quick non detailed user feedback about websites.

Users give a website a simple score out of 10. 10 being "excellent", 1 being "very poor".

Rating and feedback are good for both publishers and web users. Improving websites to gain top ratings makes the web a better place for web users with better websites and publishers focus on what their visitors want. Win win situation for both.

SEO (search engine optimization) is part of ranking well in search engines. But although good quality original content is extremely important to the algorithms of search engines such as Google Bing and Yahoo it is extremely important for website users!

Get user feedback about what they think about your website. Then improve weak areas and get better results and better ratings and more visitors and more loyal visitors with a "lower bounce rate".

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Examples of the Simple Rating Option for Websites

After you rate the website below you will see the rating results to date for this website and another example will appear for rating. Give it a try. 

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Thank you for your ratings and feedback. Your contribution to making the web a better place.

"Rate a Website" polls and surveys online to improve the quality of websites.

Website Scoring "Simple Rating" Section

There are a number of options for rating websites via Website Scoring.com.

Option One - Simple Rating

option one a simple website ratingOption one which this page is all about is as quick simple website rating by giving websites a score out of 10.

Option Two - Advanced Rating

option two an advanced website ratingWith Option Two an "advanced rating" you can give more feedback and rate a website on the following important features of the website. Very helpful feedback for improving websites.

Rate websites for rant my website green tick for goodcontent quality for relevance, originality,  and quality of the content.

Rate websites for "easy of Rant my website for easy of navigationnavigation" how easy was it for you to see and use the navigation structures on the website.

Rate websites for general rate my website design look and feeldesign, look and feel, colour schemes, images, logos and other design issues.

Then give the website your  rate my website score 8 out of 10overall rating taking into account all the factors and what you thought about the website overall.

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