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option two - advanced website ratingAdvanced Website Rating

Welcome to the "Advanced Website Rating Page" section on Website Scoring.score a website out of 10

Sounds complicated? Well actually it is very simple and takes around a minute to provide an advanced website rating by answering a few multiple choice questions. Click and rate.

It takes about a minute!   See the example below.

Advanced ratings from website users using quick and easy mulitple choice questions.

Knowing how your users rate aspects of your website really helps in a competitive web world.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rate and rank websites using software algorithms to rank your website for quality of content and link structure.

But your human visitors (the most important visitors) have a very keen eye for detail as well. And in the long run your human users are much more important and search robots. 

Web users know what they like and don't like. They know what they are looking for.

Are you supplying what they want or are you supplying what you think they want not what they actually want from your type of website or the sector you are in?

Feedback and user ratings help you develop, improve and expand your website in ways your users are looking for and like.

That adds up to more user loyalty and people coming back to your website

The advanced website rating is about key features of your website that users like or don't like:

quality of website contentQuality of the content and information on a website

easy of navigation around a websiteHow easy it is to navigate and get around a website

design look and feel of a websiteWebsite design, look and feel

the rating users give a websiteUser ratings for a website

break between website rating steps

rating step oneRate a Website for Quality of Contentgreat website content

A few simple multiple questions enable you to quickly and easily rate the quality of content of the website. 

break between website rating steps

rating step twoRate for Ease of Website Navigationresearch polls and surveys feedback polls

Rate the website for how easy is it for your to find your way around the website, find what your looking for or what's available on the website.

break between website rating steps

rating step threeWebsite design, look and feelwebite design look and feel

Questions about website design, look and feel. How professional or visually likeable you find the website. Design aspects such as overall appearance, colour schemes, images and page layout.

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rating the website - step fourYour Overall Website Rating for the Website (Very Important)score a website out of 10

Give the website your overall rating. How likely would you be to recommend the website to a friend. 

Websites are grateful for your feedback.  They want you to use their website regularly but you are only likely to use website you like or find easy or useful to use. That is what providing feedback is all about and Website Scoring. Together we are creating a better web!

break between website rating steps

Thank you for your ratings and feedback. Your contribution to making the web a better place.

"Rate a Website" polls and surveys online to improve the quality of websites.

Website Scoring "Advanced Rating" Section

There are a number of options for rating websites via Website Scoring.com.

Option One - Simple Rating

option one a simple website ratingOption one which this page is all about is as quick simple website rating by giving websites a score out of 10.

Option Two - Advanced Rating

option two an advanced website ratingWith Option Two an "advanced rating" you can give more feedback and rate a website on the following important features of the website. Very helpful feedback for improving websites.

Rate websites for rant my website green tick for goodcontent quality for relevance, originality,  and quality of the content.

Rate websites for "easy of Rant my website for easy of navigationnavigation" how easy was it for you to see and use the navigation structures on the website.

Rate websites for general rate my website design look and feeldesign, look and feel, colour schemes, images, logos and other design issues.

Then give the website your rate my website score 8 out of 10overall rating taking into account all the factors and what you thought about the website overall.

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