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Welcome to the "Rate a Website" section on Website Scoring.rate my website 10 out of 10 rating image

When designing and publishing a website feedback from users really helps to improve your focus on website structure, website design and quality of web content. 

Feedback and ratings from your web users and visitors focuses your attention publishing a website that your users love.

That means return visitors, increased loyalty and your website getting recommended!

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use algorithms to rank your website for quality of content and link structure.

It is well stated that search engines are encouraging, via higher rankings, websites with good quality original content.

But surprise surprise humans prefer good quality content, pleasant looking and easy to use websites!

Rate Websites for Quality of Content

From both a search engine point of view and very importantly a user or visitor point of view a well written website with original interesting good quality content and information reduces the bounce rate (the speed and rate at which visitors to your website leave). Green tick for good qualty content on my website

Search engines are also looking for good quality content which is original content well written and is relevant to what the web surfer is looking for.

SEO (search engine optimization) is part of ranking well in search engines. But good quality original content is extremely important to the algorithms of search engines such as Google Bing and Yahoo.

Achieving top rankings in search engines drivers web traffic and visitors to your website but your bounce rate is likely to be extremely high if visitors don't see good quality content about the topics they are looking for.

The aim of our "Rate the Quality of Content" surveys and polls is give feedback to the web publisher of what users and visitors think about the quality of the content on your website.

As a web publisher you can then use the feedback and ratings to review and improve the quality of your website content.

 Rate Websites for Easy of Navigation

research polls and surveys feedback pollsFind out what your web users and visitors think about your navigation structure.

Is it easy-to-use, clear, not overly complicated?

Does your website navigation it your users and web visitors easily and quickly to the main or important parts of your website? This

Our "Rate a Website" polls and surveys include questions about website navigation structure.

Website design, look and feel

The average visitor to a website tends to make a decision about whether to read the page within five seconds of landing on the web page.rate my website 7 out of 10 image

The general website design look and feel colour schemes, images and layout of content are key features that form part of that five second decision.

Overall Website Ranking

Our "Rank My Website" polls and surveys also include the opportunity for a user or voter to give your website and overall ranking based on the three main criteria of good quality original content, ease of navigation and overall website design look and feel giving you a score out of 10.

Some of the featured websites working to improve their user experience.

International Camping Club UK Traffic News
The International Camping Club is developing it's new website and aims to make it simple to use, easy to navigate and pleasant to visit visually. The UK Traffic News aims to make it quick and easy to find the latest traffic news, roadworks information and traffic reports and updates from around the UK
International Camping Club website U Traffic News website
Current Rating: (Not yet rated by enough users) Current Rating: (Not yet rated by enough users)
UK Wildlife Parks Campsite Directory
UK Wildlife Parks is a website dedicated to wildlife parks, zoos and safari parks around the UK. A web directory of wildlife parks in the UK. Animal videos, latest parks news and links to over 30 parks around the UK Campsite Directory is a web directory of over 2000 UK campsites covering every county of the UK. There is also a directory of camping shops and retailers and a directory of over 500 days out and places to visit in the UK.
UK Wildlife Parks website Campsite Directory website
You can rate and review UK Wildlife Parks.co.uk
rate UK Wildlife Parks.co.uk now
Current Rating: (Not yet rated by enough users) Current Rating: (Not yet rated by enough users)

"Rate My Website" polls and surveys online to improve the quality of websites.

Website Scoring "Rate a Website" Section

option one- simple quick website ratingSimple quick website rating  takes a just a few seconds

option two - advanced website ratingAdvanced website rating takes about a minute


Sample Poll

The aim of the "Rate a Website" service is to help web designers improve they websites based on feedback from their users and visitors.

Website Rating Criteria

Rate a website for rant my website green tick for goodcontent quality for relevance, originality,  and quality of the content.

Rate a website for "easy of Rant my website for easy of navigationnavigation" how easy was it for you to see and use the navigation structures on the website.

Rate a website for general rate my website design look and feeldesign, look and feel, colour schemes, images, logos and other design issues.

Then give a website your  rate my website score 8 out of 10overall rating taking into account all the factors and what you thought about my website overall.

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