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About Website Scoring

Welcome to the "About Us" page for the Website Scoring website.

Website Scoring is a Corporate Ace website.

We work with websites and organisations to make their websites more engaging, interactive and interesting for their users and site visitors.

Website Polls and Surveys

Through polls and surveys Website Scoring gets feedback and reviews from web users about the websites we are working with.

The goal is a better quality web.

Why Website Scoring?

Designing and publishing a website involves a lot of work. To do it well and do it properly gets great results. Return and regular users, increased numbers of web visitors, and satisfied or happy visitors to your website. But what exactly do your web visitors think? Perhaps you are too frightened to ask? But you need to think constructively. Feel the trend of opinion about your website. That information will help you improve it and make it the best!

Feedback from your users helps you enhance, improve and change your website so that visitors to your website keep coming back.

Not only can you get ratings from your users from the Website Scoring website but your can also ask your users questions about new sections or information they would like to see on your website. Engage with your visitors.

.... and see them recommend your website and keep coming back.

Rating Services - Using Customer Feedback

One of the services we provide is a "website rating service". This is where Website Scoring uses polls and surveys to get feedback from web users about website.

Rate a Website

"Rate a Website" is one of the poll and feedback services we offer. The aim is to gain feedback from web users about websites so that those website publishers can constantly improve and enhance the websites they publish for a better visitor experience. See the "Rate a Website" section for more information.

About the Website Scoring website

A Corporate Ace website the aim of Website Scoring is to help web publishers make their websites more interesting, interactive and engaging for web visitors based on user feedback.