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Welcome to the Website Scoring website.

What is "Website Scoring"?

Website Scoring is a website that works with web publishers to create a better quality web, increased visitors and happier web visitors and users. The aim of our website polls and surveys is to help designers and publishers make websites more interesting and interactive for thier users based on feedback through the polls and web surveys. Giving web users a chance to give feedback.

Our website polls and surveys make using websites more interactive and engaging for visitors and users.

There are a number of options for rating websites on Website Scoring.

Option One - Simple Website RatingOption One | Quick Simple Rating

Option One is a simple quick website rating that takes a matter of seconds. Score websites out of 10.

option two - advanced ratingOption Two | Advanced Website Rating

Option Two the advanced rating option takes a little longer about a minute or so, not long and is valuable for website publishers to get and idea of whether they are delivering what users want from their websites.

Sharing your opinions and ratings about websites makes for a better quality of web. Better content, better design, easier to navigate and websites that look and feel great to use. 

An example of one of our Website Scoring surveys is the UK Wildlife Parks website.

How Website Scoring Works

We work with web publishers to get feedback and ratings from users of their websites. rate a website out of 10

Feedback is important for keeping websites relevant, up to date and easy and pleasant to use.

Lower "bounce rates" are achieved by good quality content, easy to use websites that look great. You will see increased visitor numbers and visitor loyalty.

There is no point in publishing a website nobody visits, uses or likes. It is a big investment of time and resources for little return or interest in your website. The aim of our website surveys and polls is to engage the users and web visitors of the websites and get feedback. Surveys and polls help make websites more interactive and interesting and engage with their users.

Web Poll

Here is a more general web poll or survey. Give it a try.

 Website Scoring Polls and Surveys are about Creating Better Designed Websites

The Website Scoring polls and surveys easy to use, quick to complete surveys of user feedback from websites.polls and surveys green tick for yes

Our surveys are often multiple choice type answers. Usually short and brief with simple tick box type answers.

Our surveys typically focus on four main areas of website design and publication.

website scoring featuresQuality of website content

websites scoring ease of navigationEase of website navigation

website design look and feelWebsite design, look and feel

ratings from website usersRatings from website users

Polls can be more complex with multiple questions and graduated answers for the survey results, such as score out of say 10 instead of a simple multiple choice answer.

Our website polls and surveys do not require participant registration (unless specifically stated otherwise) or personal information of the reviewer as many online users don't like giving out email or personal information.

Why Website Scoring?

research polls and surveys feedback pollsWe are not an automated website run by robots and software with little human input.

The Website Scoring polls, surveys and feedback forms are designed to help web publishers create better websites based on user feedback.

We are also developing a directory of rated websites based on user ratings.

Websites that achieve a rating of 6 out of 10 or more from users can be featured in our top rated pages.

Our "top rated websites" websites sections leave out websites that users don't rank high enough.polls and surveys red cross for no

What are the Benefits of Website Rating and Feedback?

A good website score, and working and improving your website score is a great incentive to build a better website.

A good rating acts as a recommendation to others about the quality of your website.

Engage with your web users.

They know what they want.

Are you giving it to them?

Build a website your web users love to use and recommend.

After all isn't that the whole point of publishing a website?

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Website Scoring helping to make a better web based on website user feedback.

Website Scoring Welcome

Website Scoring undertake surveys and polls about websites to get feedback and ratings from users. Publishers can then use the information and feedback to improve and build a better website.


Website categories range from camping, conservation, wildlife, internet and technology to motoring and travel.

Users can see the voting trends. Search engines as well as human users demand good quality content. Feedback about the quality of your web content helps you constantly improve your website. Improve relevance, navigation, design, content and more based on feedback from your users.

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